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Connect your lab to the most advanced tools available.

We are democratising access to synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and advanced materials characterization.

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We offer high-quality X-ray scattering data and data analysis consultation

X-ray powder diffraction

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Pair distribution function analysis

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Advanced data analysis consultation

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A new mode for accessing synchrotron facilities

The long wait times of the proposal system and high cost of industrial shifts are replaced with routine access to high quality and affordable data.

Excellent Data Quality

Data quality is superior to laboratory devices

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive per sample pricing

Ultra-high throughput

Measure up to thousands of samples in one run

Rapid Access

Increased research speed through short turnover time to results

Automated Data Processing

State-of-the-art data reduction and processing.

Advanced Methods

Access to specialized analytics and modeling methods.

How it works

We send you a sample preparation kit. You load the samples using easy-to-use clips and mail them back to us. Or if you prefer, just send us the samples and we’ll load them for you. — it's easy & convenient