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We provide a new mode for accessing synchrotron facilities
for high-throughput powder diffraction measurements and advanced data analytics.

High-resolution X-ray powder diffraction (HR-XRPD)

X-ray powder diffraction is ideal for identification, refinement, and solution of microcrystalline structures. This technique provides a rapid diagnostic for detecting impurities, quantifying phases, determining molecular-scale and morphological properties of matter, and much more.

Long-range order
Total scattering (TS)

Total scattering goes beyond typical assessment of diffraction peaks to consider the diffuse inten­sities scattered underneath and in between. These carry further in­for­mation about defects, dis­order, dy­nam­ics, and mor­phol­ogy that underpin functional properties.

Local structure
Pair distribution function (PDF) analysis

The pair distribution function analysis gives an alternative perspective to the total sca­ttering signal by trans­for­ming the data to a spa­tial de­pen­den­ce, allowing pro­per­ties such as bond lengths, correlated motions, and local structural features to be observed directly.

Local structure
Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

Small-angle X-ray scattering probes the material over very low spatial frequencies. This allows observations of in­ho­mo­ge­neity or periodicity in the density, which can be particularly useful for identifying microphase segregation or mesoporosity. It also can give information about domain morphology and size, for example, of small nanoparticles, when crystallites are sufficiently dilute.

Macro structure


Mail-in samples
Simply let us know how many samples you’d like to measure, which techniques, and any additional services, and we’ll get the process started. A quotation of services will be prepared for your needs.


Data Provisioning
Once the measurements are complete, we ensure that the data are calibrated and processed correctly, characterize the instrumental profile, and perform data transformations for PDF analysis. Furthermore, any step of the data reduction process can be reprocessed on demand.


If requested, we can offer guidance or performance of further data analyses to help you reach your R&D goals.
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Ultra-High Throughput

Measure up to several thousand samples in one go to finely test sample parameter spaces
  • transmission geometry
  • 2D information using an area detector
  • automated data reduction
  • statistical analysis of large datasets
Use Cases

High Resolution

Our setup results in a sharp, symmetric instrumental profile and excellent signal-to-noise ratio for improved sensitivity to minute phases and microstructural properties.

  • phase ID
  • Rietveld refinement / quantification
  • indexing / structure solution
Use Cases
LaB6 HighResolution Debye Scherrer Rings

Local Structure

Observe and quantify local structure properties via pair distribution function for nano-, disordered and amorphous materials.
  • local structure refinement
  • coherence length
  • bond coordination environment
Use Cases
LaB6 HighResolution Debye Scherrer Rings

Use Cases

Our services are suitable for both commercial and academic purposes. You can find some examples of different applications with reference to peer-reviewed publications.

Ion mobility
Understanding ion mobility in next generation batteries
Adsorption mechanisms
Understanding adsorption mechanisms for optimizing materials for gas separation
Porous materials
Phase quantification
Determination of mineral contents in mining samples
Mining / Geology
Physicochemical behavior
Understanding physicochemical behavior in excipient preparations
Food Science
Melting versus denaturation process
Helping to distinguish melting versus denaturation process of protein structures in high solid confectionaries
Food Science
Detecting minority phases
Detecting minority phases/components
Structure-property relationships
Determining structure-property relationships in amorphous solid formulations
Ion loading for ion separation
Determining mechanism of ion loading for ion separation related to nuclear waste remediation
Ion Separators

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