Reinventing materials discovery for a sustainable future


We revolutionize materials discovery, optimization, and understanding. To achieve this, we are modernizing materials science workflows, democratizing access to highest-quality experiments, analytics, and expertise.

In particular, we offer a new mode for accessing large-scale X-ray producing facilities called synchrotrons where materials R&D targets can be characterized at the atomic scale with a quality and scale unachievable in standard laboratories.

Our services are suitable for applications in crystal structure solution, characterization of nanostructured and amorphous materials, and much more.

Meet our team


Dr. Bernd Hinrichsen


Bernd managed the solid state characterisation labs (XRPD, TEM, SEM & SS-NMR) and has more than a decade of experience in solid-state materials research. His key interest lies in structure elucidation at atomic, nano-, and microstructure levels, allowing for improved material properties.


Dr. Maxwell Terban


Max is a materials scientist specialized in material structure characterization methods using advanced X-ray scattering and structure modeling techniques. His research focuses on understanding the impact of synthesis and post-processing on functional materials.


Matthias Zimmermann


Matthias is a seasoned business leader with a focus on driving commercial success for young ventures. With extensive experience as an interim partner, he specializes in sharpening the commercial acumen of companies and helping them achieve their full potential.


Dr. Lukas Wollmann

Head of Engineering

Lukas is a materials scientist by training and transitioned into software engineering after his PhD. He combines his expertise in both disciplines to develop the next generation of materials informatics tools.


Dr. Didier Blanchard

Synchrotron X-ray
Research Engineer

Didier is a physicist deeply passionate about advancing the development and characterization of novel functional materials intended for energy storage and conversion, specifically within applications such as batteries, ammonia, hydrogen, and heat storage. Throughout his research, he has gained substantial expertise in employing advanced X-ray and neutron characterization techniques.


Artsiom Miksiuk

Senior Software Engineer

Artsiom is a seasoned senior software engineer with a wide background in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. His expertise spans architecting web platforms, microcontrollers, and robotics programming and leading development teams. He's showcasing a unique blend of engineering proficiency and software development skills.